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Why You Should Shop Small Businesses

Why You Should Shop Small Businesses

2020 has been a crazy year! With the pandemic, has come a lot of economic and financial burdens for many businessesDuring the time of Black Friday shopping and getting Cyber Monday sales, be sure to consider shopping Small Business Saturday.

Here are some of the many reasons that supporting small businesses is beneficial to not only you, but many others.
Better Customer Service
If you are looking for a specific and specialized product, it’s hard to get all the details when shopping at big companies. Many small businesses are in little niches and have an abundance of knowledge to best support you and help you find the perfect product
They can also provide support after purchases with more ease. Have you ever tried to contact Amazon for support? It’s near impossible to get in touch with a real-life person. 
Makes a Major Economic Impact
Big businesses have eliminated many jobs over the past couple of years, but small businesses have added many jobs for peopleSupporting smaller businesses helps keep them in business and provide more potential job opportunities
You’re Going to Feel Good
There is a huge elephant in the room when thinking about where most people are going to buy their stuff nowadays and that’s AmazonNow, Amazon offers some amazing convenience and some great deals, but Amazon will not be going bankrupt anytime soon

Many small businesses have been losing revenue, with some small businesses having to close because of the huge popularity of Amazon. It's a huge help to small businesses when you make the choice to give them business instead.
Better Product Diversity
Many small businesses are specialty stores where you can find different varieties of the product that you are looking for. Being in their small niche of products or services, they'll be able to offer a lot more product diversity. They might be able to completely customize the product to fit your exact needs. 
There are many reasons to support small businesses, especially this year. If you are deciding to support small businesses, spread the word to your family, friends, and neighbors.

Celebrate small businesses on Small Business Saturday, November 28th, and throughout the year. 
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