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Sciatica Relief | 5 Stretches for Pain Relief

Sciatica Relief | 5 Stretches for Pain Relief

Sciatica, also known as sciatic nerve pain, can radiate from the lower back to the buttock, then down the back of each leg. The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest spinal nerve in the body, which can create a lot of discomfort.

Treatment of the condition can involve medication and even surgery. However, many people can also benefit from less intrusive methods, such as chiropractic adjustments or low impact exercises like yoga.

Here are 5 stretches you can do at home to help relieve your sciatica pain:

1. Glute stretch
You can perform deep glute stretches on each leg to relax the sciatic nerve. You can do this by lying on the floor and bending one knee at a time towards your torso.

The opposite leg should be crossed over the knee you are trying to bend in order to relax the lower back. You can hold the position for a couple of minutes before switching to the other side.

2. Prone torso twist
This interesting stretch is used by many athletes at the end of their exercise routine. To perform the movement, lie on the floor and twist your bent left knee over your body, as close as possible to the floor, while maintaining your left hand on the floor. Hold this position for up to one minute before switching to the other side.

3. Cobra stretch
The cobra stretch is one of the most popular stretches for sciatica. It's an easy stretch that helps to relax the lower back area. To perform the stretch, lie on the floor on your belly and slightly raise your torso using your hands for support. For best results, maintain a straight line of sight.

4. Seated torso twist
You will perform this stretch in an upright torso position. Sit on the floor while stretching out and relaxing both legs, then bend your left knee.

Next, you will come over with a twisting movement to rest your right elbow on the left knee. You can maintain the position for up to a minute before changing the leg. You should also avoid pushing the knee with your elbow beyond a comfortable level.

5. Cat stretch
The cat stretch is another popular choice to help relax the back. To perform the stretch, you will need to be on your hands and knees on the floor. Next, arch your back upwards while tucking your chin and pulling your hips towards the shoulders.

To relax the muscles, let your back relax while allowing it to come down towards the ground as much as possible. You can perform this stretch a few times a day.

These 5 stretches can be a great way to help relieve your sciatica pain. Try to do them a couple of times per day, for a few weeks, to see real improvement.


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