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How You Can Show Your Appreciation During Physicians Week

How You Can Show Your Appreciation During Physicians Week

During this week, it is a chance where patients can reflect and recognize for the care that is provided to them when it comes to the medical field. It is also a time for hospitals and other employers to show appreciation for the dedication and passion that physicians have while working. It a total amount of seven days that is spent honoring these individuals who go above and beyond, spending endless days being the heroes we all need. To show them just how much what they do means to you, try giving them one of these simple gifts during the week.


  • If you are a patient, whether at a hospital or have an upcoming appointment during Physicians week, write a thank you card. It might not feel like much, but it will bring a smile to their face when they read about just how much you appreciate them.


  • An old, but good gift idea is to send a fruit basket or baked goods. Most physicians will appreciate some homemade cookies or an old fashioned fruit basket. It will also be a nice surprise for other members of their medical team and staff who can also feel appreciated!


  • Another way to say “thank you” to your physician is to pay it forward. Ask them the name of their favorite charity. By making a contribution, in your physician’s name, you can say thank you all while benefiting others.


Many Physician’s you come across don’t want to be showered with gifts. Them taking on a job that allows them to do what they love all while creating a bond with each and every patient is a gift enough in their eyes. With that being said, the above three simple, yet meaningful ideas would put a smile on any physician’s face. It will remind them that we, as patients, appreciate them and what they do to help the world and the people in it.


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