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How to Protect Yourself from Phone Scams

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Alright, let's have a yarn about these dodgy phone scams that seem to be making the rounds more than ever. Now, I get it – it's a bit of a maze out there, especially with these tricky callers trying to pull a fast one on us. But fear not! I've picked up a few tricks over the years to keep these scammers at bay, and I reckon they might just come in handy for you too.

Now, back in the day, a phone call was a phone call. But these days, technology's gone and thrown a curveball our way. Scammers are using all sorts of fancy gadgets to make their calls seem legit when they're anything but.


6 Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

1. Don't Take Things at Face Value: If a call pops out of the blue asking for your personal info or money, don't rush into things. Take a breather, hang up, and give the company a buzz back using a number you trust. Legitimate ones won't mind the double-check.

2. Keep Those Details Close to Your Chest: Your sensitive stuff like your Social Security number, bank details, or passwords? Keep 'em locked up tight. Don't go blurting those out to someone you're not 110% sure about.

3. Watch Out for the Rush Job: Scammers love making you feel like you've gotta act quick. But hold your horses! Take your time, assess the situation, and don't let 'em rush you into anything.

4. Caller ID Isn't Everything: Nowadays, these tricksters can mess about with caller ID to make it look real fancy. So, don't go putting all your trust in what shows up on the screen.

5. Stay in the Know: Keep your ear to the ground. Stay updated on the latest tricks these scammers are pulling. Knowledge is power, mate!

6. Report, Report, Report: If you reckon you're being had, let someone know! Report it to the authorities or whoever needs to know. It's not just about you – it's about looking out for everyone else too.


Keep your wits about you, take it easy, and don't be shy to ask for a hand if something smells fishy.

- Mark

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