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How to Fight Off Spring Allergies

How to Fight Off Spring Allergies

When you think about spring you think of blooming flowers, warm weather, and sunny skies. Or you think about how bad your allergies will be over the next few months. Between the sneezing, watery eyes, and coughing, you might dread Spring as it approaches. There isn’t much you can do when it comes to seasonal allergies aside from over the counter medicines, but there may be a few ways you can try to prevent them from getting so bad!


  1. Check Pollen Count: You can check your local weather forecast for the daily pollen count or you can look it up online. You’ll be able to see the breakdown of mold and pollen types so you can prepare yourself for an allergy day before heading outside!
  1. Stay Indoors: When the pollen count is high, try to go outdoors later in the day when it tends to be lower. That way you can save yourself some discomfort.
  1. Vacuum/Dust: It is important to vacuum and dust frequently. Dander, dust, and pollen can be easily sucked up by using a vacuum that is known for sucking up allergens. These vacuums are typically listed as “pet-friendly.”
  1. Showering Before Bed: When you are outdoors your body, and hair, can collect an astonishing amount of pollen. After you get home throw your clothes in the washer and shower so you can quickly remove any unwanted pollen from your body.
  1. Windows Closed: Inside and while driving, it’s best to have your windows closed. Stick with using your air conditioner. When you are driving, do not put the windows down. Instead keep them up and recirculate the interior air or use your AC. When at home, keep your windows closed as to not allow any pollen to enter your house!

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