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Earth Day Celebrations Around the Globe

Earth Day Celebrations Around the Globe

Earth day is celebrated globally, every year, on April 22nd. It’s a day that is spent raising awareness about the environment and the commitment that is needed to make the planet better. What started out as only a United States celebration, turned global, reaching around the world in which each place found their own ways to promote awareness and take action! The theme is the only thing that stays constant as word travels- Awareness and educating others about how to preserve our resources. Take a peek at how other places take action and celebrate on Earth Day.



Denmark’s celebration is hosted at Christiansburg Castle Square in Copenhagen. It involves drum-playing where they are pointed at the four corners of the world. After, the group participates in a March for Science. This mark seeks to hold the elected officials accountable for greener initiatives.



Tokyo celebrates a yearly, two-day celebration. This celebration is health in Yoyogi Park where there are approximately 100,000 visitors. Here they are expected to participate in family activities and learn about companies that encourage sustainability.



Cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Amherst, and Vancouver participate in educational talks, activities, and parades to educate and raise awareness.


Great Britain-

London holds an Earth Day celebration that is sponsored by a group of activists and musicians. This event ends up raising funds for charities and groups that fight for our climate change.


South Africa-

South Africa hosts what is known as Earth Expo. During this expo, educational forums are presented on sustainable nutrition, technology, entrepreneurship, and fashion.


Many places in the United States raise funds by doing marathons, hosting a recycling drive, encouraging tree planting, and a cleanup drive. No matter how you celebrate or take action this year, take a moment an educate the people around you by discussing how they might be taking action to make the world a better place or volunteer your time at your community garden. 

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