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5 Easter Traditions to Try This Year

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The most well-known Easter traditions in the U.S. are probably decorating eggs and going on egg hunts. But there's so much more you can do! If you're looking for some new and exciting ways to spend your Easter, check out some of these unique things to do that you can easily turn into your yearly Easter traditions.

1. Create an Egg Time Machine

It’s like a mini time capsule! Have your kids or grandkids write a letter to themselves. It can be something they did this year that they are proud of or it could be something they wish to accomplish by next year. Write their name on the plastic egg and put the note inside. Come next year, they will be able to see what they were like only a year ago.

2. Attend an Easter Parade

Get dressed up in your best Easter attire (bunny ears included) and find a local parade. Many cities offer Easter parades on or around Easter. Watch as the marching bands, fire trucks, and the Easter bunny go by!

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3. Set Out Treats for the Easter Bunny

This can be a fun thing to do for the little kids. Just like setting out cookies and milk for Santa, set out some carrots for the Easter bunny!

4. Go Kite Flying

This tradition comes from Bermuda. Families spend Good Friday building and flying their own kites. With the weather warming up, now is a perfect time to get outside and do just that. Bring this kite flying tradition into your home this year!

5. Bake Some Hot Cross Buns

In New Zealand, hot cross buns are an Easter essential. Spend the day baking your own hot cross buns (or other tasty treats), and get the kids and grandkids involved too! It may get a little messy, but it's definitely worth it. Then, enjoy your treats by having a picnic outside to enjoy the spring weather.

What are your favorite Easter traditions? Let me know at

And have a Happy Easter!

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