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Celebrate Love With These Roses

Celebrate Love With These Roses

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. When you think Valentine’s Day, you think about romantic dates, chocolates, and of course… Roses! Roses are the most purchased flower when it comes to this romantic holiday.


No one wants to accidentally buy the incorrect color not knowing what each might symbolize. Here are five colors of roses and the meanings behind each.


  1. Red:


Being the top pick chosen during Valentine’s Day, the red rose has been deemed the trademark flower for the holiday. The red rose symbolizes love, courage, beauty, and romance. A red rosebud, in itself, can stand for purity and loveliness.


  1. Pink:


When a pink rose blooms, it symbolizes elegance, femininity, and sweetness. No matter what occasion, if you throw in a pink rose, it will up the elegance in the room.


  1. White:


A white rose represents young love and purity, which is why you see them often used in wedding décor. This rose can also show as a sign of friendship and respect.  


  1. Yellow:


Typically, a yellow rose wouldn’t be gifted to a significant other, but instead a friend. Someone who brings you joy and cheer. This bright and sunny flower will brighten up a friend’s cloudy and gloomy day!


  1. Orange:


This fiery flower is a great way to show that you want to take the relationship to the next level. They symbolize life, passion, energy, and excitement. Even though it can be used on a romantic level, it also doubles as a message of enthusiasm for friendship or congratulations.

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