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6 Fun Games to Have at Your Super Bowl Party

6 Fun Games to Have at Your Super Bowl Party

Throw the ultimate Super Bowl party this year with the help of a few games to pass the time while waiting! To make it family friendly, we have found 3 games for adults and 3 games that can be played with children- this way everyone will be happy!


Just for Adults:

  1. Don’t Say It:

Have one person pick a word. It could be a word that has to do with football or it could be any random word. If someone says that word, they’ll have to pay a penalty. For example, you can ban the word “Touchdown” and each time a guest says it, they’ll have to drink or do a silly dance.


  1. Football Squares:


Start by printing this template. Guests will be able to pay a small fee to choose a square that predicts what the score will be at a certain point of the game. When they choose a square, simply have them write their name inside of it. Wait for the game to start then determine per quarter and final game score!


  1. Guess What’s Next:


This game is centered around commercial breaks. When the game starts, have everyone guess what the first commercial break will be. Once the commercial comes on, everyone who guess correctly stands. The ones who guessed incorrectly will remain seated. The people who are standing will then guess the next ad will be and repeat the process. When the game resumes, everyone standing gets a point. Play this during ever commercial break and see who has the most points when the game is over!

Just for Kids:


  1. Super Bowl Hot Football:


If you’re planning to be inside a foam football works best! The concept of this game is the same as Hot Potato. The kids (or adults who join in) arrange themselves in a circle. They will toss the foam football to each other while music plays. When the music stops, the player who is holding the “hot football” is out of the game. The game continues until one player is left and the winner!


  1. Scavenger Hunt:

Even if your kid is a fan of all things football, a game might not hold their attention. Printing out a Scavenger Hunttemplate may keep them occupied and on the lookout for cool things to find hidden in commercials and during the game!


  1. Coloring Pages:


There are many football related coloring pages that can be printed out for the kids. Set up a kid’s activity table with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. Lay out the coloring pages so the kids can pick and choose which ones they want. When they are done hang them proudly near the TV for all to see while watching the game

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