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6 Tips on How to Take Better Care of Your Feet

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It's easy to forget just how much our feet do for us. We jam them into uncomfortable shoes, smother them with socks, and even keep them locked inside pantyhose all day long. Every single day, our feet take an excessive beating just by us walking around.

You might think that you need to spend tons of money on an expensive getaway that scrubs and polishes your feet, but there are other (more cost-effective) ways to take care of them. All it takes is a few minutes and some of these tips!


  1. Soak Your Feet: Many people tend to use Epsom salts when it comes to soaking their feet and their body, but it's actually very drying and does not offer any medical benefits. You can simply soak your feet with warm water and a little bit of skin-softening liquid soap to help reduce roughness.


  1. Moisturize: After you wash or soak your feet, be sure to apply a moisturizer or lotion. This will help your feet from becoming dry or cracked, especially during the colder months. Any basic lotion or cream is fine to use.


  1. Get Arch Support: Flat shoes, like flip flops, don't provide much (if any) arch support. Women especially are more prone to developing flat feet which can lead to a variety of different foot problems. Minimize the amount of time you wear shoes without support, and opt for shoes that do have arch support.


  1. Wear Comfortable Shoes: If you wear tight shoes or shoes that just don't fit properly, it can cause pain and worsen bunions. If you love high heels, try choosing ones that are wider and more stable to give your feet a little more comfort room. Most importantly, find the shoes that bring you the most comfort; comfort is much more important than style in the long run.


  1. Alternate Shoes: Shoes need to air out to avoid triggering any foot odor or possible infections. You need to make sure you change your socks or stockings at least daily. If you have any problems with stinky feet, try soaking them in water and vinegar to help.


  1. Find the Perfect Fit: You should have enough depth in your shoes so that your toes don’t rub against the top. Walk around to see if your shoes slip or rub against your ankles or toes. The ball of your foot should fit nicely and comfortably in the widest part of your shoe.

If you're looking for faster relief, check out our Outback Oil Roll-On to help soothe your discomfort and increase your mobility. Show your feet some love!


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