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5 Foods You Should Not Pack For A Picnic

5 Foods You Should Not Pack For A Picnic

 Some foods work well for picnics, but there are those that don’t make the cut. Unless you want to attract all the ants and bugs that match through your local park.

No one wants to attract disgruntled looks from other park goers. Here are the types of the food you should not carry on your next picnic.


Foods That Melt

During the summer and spring are great times to get outdoors and back to nature. The same heat that is making it so nice to be out is going to put a limit on your picnic options. Don’t carry things that melt when going for your picnic. Things that melt include ice sculptures, ice cream cakes, and ice luges. Instead, carry bottles filled with your favorite beverages. Make sure to freeze your beverage and pack it in the food basket. It will keep the food cold and fresh en route and will thaw to become drinkable.


Foods That Get Soggy

Some dishes you need to prepare in advance. These kinds of dishes need time to mix and combine flavors. Others you need to eat within a few minutes after you make them. These are the foods you should avoid carrying for your picnic. Nobody enjoys a salad wilting under the weight of a creamy dressing or a soggy sandwich bread. Instead, carry kale salads, cold sandwiches, and wraps.


Foods That Spill

You may love soup, but packing it for your picnic isn’t a good idea! Foods that spill you are not meant to eat while balancing on a rock, or root, or sitting cross-legged on the grass. If you must have a drink, take liquid vegetables, consider having a green smoothie, and make sure you use a straw!


Foods That Smell

Steamed lobsters, paella, and peal-and-eat shrimp can get smelly! Avoid toting them in your picnic basket. Already peeled cocktail shrimp and washed-rind cheeses also get smelly with time, but they can be perfect for your picnic. Just remember to eat them first.


Foods That Squish In Transit

Your food will get tossed, bumped, and jostled by the planes, trains, and cars you ride in to get to your destination. Delicate curd-based treats such as lemon bars will likely shatter and bananas might bruise before dessert. Instead of carrying foods that squish in transit consider packing beef jerky, cookies, or apples.


A Special Note About Fish

One final PSA. Pack fish for your picnic with caution. Fresh fish combined with the heat on picnic day is the ideal combination for bacteria growth. Are you elderly or do you have young children with weakened immune systems? Experts recommend avoiding picnic foods involving fish for these groups. To be safe, pack the fillets of your choice in a cold bag and ensure you prepare and eat them soon as possible. Some of the best fish to eat include wild pacific salmon, pacific cod, and sardines


Whether alone enjoying the breeze and the sun, or laughing with friends over a glass of sangria, a picnic is a great way to lift your spirits and relax.

Enjoy nature and watch the clouds roll by on your blanket. See you at the park!

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