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Uric Acid & Gout: What You Need To Know

Uric Acid & Gout: What You Need To Know

 "Hyperuricemia is excess uric acid in the blood."


Hi everyone, 

Today I wanted to talk a bit about Uric Acid. What is it, what problems does it cause in the body, and how can it be managed?

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What is Uric Acid? What problems does it cause?

Uric acid is the by-product of the body's processing of substances called purines, which are found in fast foods, alcohol, sugary drinks, and bread.

Hyperuricemia occurs when there is a high-level of uric acid in the blood. High levels of uric acid occur when the body cannot break down uric acid properly, either due to genetics, medical conditions and medicines, diet, or obesity. 

When the body cannot break down uric acid properly, the acid begins to crystallize and stick to joints. These crystals can be painful as they develop and are usually first noticeable in the extremities like the feet and hands, then creeping toward knees, elbows, etc. 

The most noticeable sign of high uric acid levels is gout - or sharp intense pain around the big toe. Gout occurs when these urate crystals accumulate in the joint, causing the inflammation and pain. 

Who usually has excess uric acid?

Anyone living with Gout, Arthritis and/or joint pain. Anyone with a diet that is high in hydrogenated fats (alcohol, conventional meat and refined carbohydrates). Also those that suffer from obesity, kidney disease, high blood pressure or stress can all benefit by reducing their risk of developing gout.

How are uric acid levels stabilized to minimize pain?

First, losing weight can help reduce the risk of hyperuricemia because diet and obesity are top causes for gout and high uric acid levels. Cleaning up the diet and cutting out high-purine foods is a great start to stabilizing acidity in the body. 

Another way to support stable uric acid levels and to minimize pain is to remove the uric acid build up from your body. This can take time as this acidity may have been building up for years. 

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