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The Best Thanksgiving Desserts

The Best Thanksgiving Desserts

Dessert is by far the best part of Thanksgiving, with all the different cookies, pies, and treats.

Sticking to old traditions of recipes is always something to look forward to, but here are some recipes that you can use to start new traditions on your family's Thanksgiving day!

Mini Pumpkin Pies
You definitely feel better about eating a mini pie rather than an entire regular sized pie! These mini pumpkin pies are fun, festive, and easy to make. The pies are baked in a mini muffin pan and will be a hit on the dessert table. Full recipe can be found on

Turkey Cupcakes
These cupcakes are a great attention grabber for kids! You can turn any cupcakes into a turkey by decorating it with candy corn, pretzels, and m&m’s. They are extremely easy to make, which is an extra plus. Full recipe can be found on

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
What better way to elevate a classic chocolate chip cookie than to add some fall flavor to it? These chocolate chip cookies are soft and moist, with the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor to them. The full recipe can be found on

Sweet Potato Marshmallow Bars
These easy to make bars only take 15 minutes to prep and an hour to bake. The bite sized treats will be a definite people pleaser! Full recipe can be found on

Caramel Apple Cookies
These chewy, caramel-filled cookies will fly off the dessert table. They are easier to eat than an actual caramel dipped apple and are yummier too! Full recipe can be found on

Happy Baking!


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