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Spring Forward with these Tips!

Spring Forward with these Tips!

Do you know which way to turn the clocks during spring and fall? Daylight Savings Time consists of changing your clocks twice a year! Many people have used certain sayings to help remember if they have to change the clocks an hour ahead or an hour behind! We thought we would share the most common phrase with you.


“Spring Forward, Fall Back.”


This phrase is one that is most often used or heard. It is meant to trigger your memory to set your clocks to the appropriate time.


It is the easiest way to remember that when Spring arrives, the clocks move forward one hour.  This will occur this year on March 13th- the second Sunday of the month. The second half of the phrase is an easy reminder that when fall arrives, the clocks will fall backan hour. This year that change will happen on November 6th- the first Sunday of the month.


In this day and age many forms of technology can change the time by itself without needing you to remember. If you still have battery operated clocks or alarm clocks plugged in beside your bed you will need the extra reminder to change them before laying down on the eve of the above dates. Leave a note somewhere in plain sight- attached to a magnet on your refrigerator. That way, before you go to bed you won’t forget to walk around and spring forward your clocks that need the extra assistance!


Prepare an easy transition over the week before to make it easier to adjust to the time difference. Try going to bed 15 minutes early (or late, depending on if it’s fall or spring.) Preparing your body physically for the change will make it so you aren’t feeling sleep-deprived or discombobulated when you gain or lose an hour of time!


What phrase was common in your household growing up?

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