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Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

Some days can feel overwhelming.

Your to-do list is growing longer as each day passes, and you feel less motivated each morning you wake up. Balancing a job, a home, and personal relationships can be tough and oftentimes take away from your productiveness.

We often spend time thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. This is true, but there are ways that you can be more productive by following some of these tips and tricks!


  • Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday

Waking up at the same time everyday will allow you to get into a routine. When your body and mind stick to a schedule, it helps you stay well-rested and focused.

Since you know what to expect each morning, you tend to look at your day as less daunting than before, and you know what to expect with your morning routine in full swing.


  • Give Off Good Energy

Do something for yourself to start the day with “good energy.” Add in something that you find leaves you feeling relaxed, energized, and motivated throughout your day. You can read a chapter of a book, do some yoga indoors or outdoors, or do something as simple as eating your favorite breakfast.


  • Daily Intentions

Be mindful before switching to different activities. For example, at work, choose to actually enjoy your lunch or coffee break. It will help to increase your effectiveness and recharge your mind.


  • Take Breaks

Overworking and overwhelming your mind and body is never a good feeling. You need to give your brain a break each day by incorporating short breaks into your workday. You can do this by going for a short walk, grabbing a coffee, or checking in with friends by phone.


  • Journal Your Accomplishments

It’s hard to realize how much you actually do each day. You could achieve multiple things, but it’s hard to see just how much you have done once it’s jumbled into your hectic day. Start a bullet journal that shows your accomplishments and add to it after each one.


  • Set a Reasonable To-Do List

Limit your to-do list to things that need to be done immediately. The smaller things can wait for a new day.


  • Stop Multi-Tasking

Many people see multi-tasking as being productive, but it is the exact opposite. Constantly switching from task to task is making you more tired. It takes more brain energy to switch and change so often that you are simply skimming over the surface getting things done.

Keep the multi-tasking and any other distractions at bay.



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