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Organization At Its Finest

Organization At Its Finest

While many of us are still under self-quarantine, our routines can get repetitive. However, you can stay occupied by organizing!

Take this time to get your home back in order and finding a place for everything. Places like your closet, pantry, desks, and bathroom cabinets tend to get messy overtime, but now more than ever, you have the time to fix it.


Our closets are always being used. We’re either getting dressed, putting away laundry, or buying new pieces of clothing. Try incorporating some bins wherever you have space to put away t-shirts or jeans. That will allow your closet to have more space for other articles of clothing.

Using velvet hangers are extremely convenient, because they prevent your clothes from slipping off and falling on the floor.

Organizing not only consists of getting rid of what you no longer want, but make sure to put those winter pieces away and leave space for your summer apparel.


The pantry can get messy really quickly! Using clear containers is great to organize your beans, cereals, grains, and snacks. Not only are they organized, but it gives a super sleek and modern look to your pantry.

Take this time to discard expired foods and snacks, and make sure everything is up-to-date.


Even our desks get messy and piled up with papers, especially when working from home. Keeping your desk and work area organized and clean will help your motivation and your work ethic. A clean space is a great area for our minds to feel productive and work better.

Bathroom Cabinets 

Take the time to tackle your bathroom cabinets since there’s a variety of products and essentials to put away. Try using some shelves or bins to organize by product type. You can even get creative and arrange your products by color or type. Make sure to organize the drawers, as well!

Here’s a tip, use the top drawer for your essential products and tools, and use the other ones for your backup products.

Happy organizing, everyone!

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