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National Teacher's Day

National Teacher's Day

Having a teaching job is more than just a job. More times than none, teachers know their students in and out. They are many things; empathetic, passionate, motivated, creative, and a leader. A teacher spends most of the weekdays with their students. Helping them strive to be their best selves, mentally and even physically.

They don’t just teach their students; they care about them.

Here are 5 reasons, but not them all, as to why teachers are truly amazing.


  1. They Believe


Teachers make sure that they instill the idea in their students that they can do anything that they set their minds to. It pushes students to really thrive and reach their full potential knowing that there are people, other than their family, that believe in them. 


  1. Open Minds


When it comes to learning, they don’t just stop at one thing. They encourage their students to explore the possibilities of anything. The world is full of so many different possibilities and you never know what opportunity will come your way! In preparation for challenges in life, they introduce us to the skills necessary to achieve anything.


  1. Never Give Up


A student can fail 5 times over and a teacher will motivate them to try again and to work harder. They show that if you put in the effort, even if it takes many attempts, you cando it. They examine the obstacles that are getting in the way and help with finding ways that can help you overcome them.


  1. They Turn Weaknesses Into Strength


Even when you don’t think they are looking, they take in everything that goes on with each and every student. They see the weaknesses, but what they see more is the strength that outshines those weaknesses. With encouragement to face your fears and to learn from mistakes, they instill confidence that will help to work through those weaknesses.


  1. Happiness is Found in the Success of Others


Each milestone and accomplishment you make as a student, the teacher notices and celebrates the success. They take pride in each step you take to achieve your greatest self. Ask any teacher that you meet and they will tell you that the thing that brings them the most happiness is watching their students go headfirst into a new challenge and coming out succeeding. Even if it’s a small success, it’s a reason to celebrate.

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