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Exercising with Arthritis: Tips for Protecting Your Joints

Exercising with Arthritis: Tips for Protecting Your Joints

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy and keeping your body in good shape. But, what happens when arthritis starts to hold you back?

Arthritis can make many people shy away from physical activity. When people have constant joint pain, the last thing they want to do is risk making that pain worse.

Exercising with arthritis may seem difficult. But, it is actually very important for relieving symptoms. It can help strengthen muscles, ease muscle stiffness, and increase the range of motion.

Even moderate physical activity can help your arthritis symptoms. You can follow these tips to help protect your joints and reduce the risk of pain.

  1. Apply Heat Before Exercising.

Using a warm towel can relax joints and muscles, putting less strain on your body during exercise.

  1. Stretch & Warm Up.

You should stretch for 10 minutes before working out to loosen up muscles and increase your range of motion.

  1. Start Slow.

Make sure to ease your body into exercising. Pushing too hard after being inactive for a while increases your risk of injury.

  1. Stick to Low Impact Exercises.

Stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and swimming are all “low impact.” They can help reduce the pressure you put on your joints.

  1. Be Aware of any Unusual Pain or Swelling.

Abnormal pain or swelling can be a problem. You should be aware of these changes to avoid injury.

  1. Ice Afterward.
Apply ice to any swollen joints after exercising. This can help reduce the swelling as well as help with muscle soreness.
  1. Don’t Overdo It!

Exercise is great, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. It is better to ease into exercise than to overdo it and risk an injury. Less is often more, and it is easier on your body to be patient and work your way up.

What about you? What is your favorite type of exercise?

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