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Clever Ways to Make Walking Fun!

Clever Ways to Make Walking Fun!

Getting out of your front door to do a little daily exercising shouldn’t feel like a chore!  First things first, don’t talk yourself out of it. Try to focus on one thing at a time so you can reduce how much thinking ahead you are doing. Once you get out of the door, you’ll be glad you did! Especially with these ways that you can make your walk more appealing.


Reward Yourself

If you plan on walking the same route each day, challenge yourself. See if you can walk it faster each day. You can also try adding lightweight ankle or wrist weights to push yourself! Then when you are finished you can reward yourself. It’s good to be kind to yourself!


Walking Bingo

Try to think of things you might spot on a walk. Your list could entail: Find a good walking stick, spot 2 outdoor cats, run down a hill, find three identical rocks. The possibilities are endless and each new day you can come up with new things to find or do!


Change of Scenery

If you always set off your walk from home, pick a new location. If it’s a little too warm outside, move your walk from outdoors to indoors by walking the mall or a museum. If you enjoy walking in the fresh air, drive to a nearby nature trail!


Find a Buddy

Walking alone isn’t always for everyone. You might get bored quickly or find that you’re cutting your walk short since the silence is too loud. Try walking with a friend! Whether it’s a close friend you’ve grown up with or a new budding friendship with one of your neighbors, it will be nice to have company!



Birds are everywhere we go. Some are easy to identify while others, you have no idea what kind they are. If you bring your phone along with you for your walk you can take pictures of each bird, you come across. That way, when you get home later on you can compare those photos with photos on the internet or in a birdwatching guidebook.


When your walk is over you should feel refreshed and agile. Having ways to switch up your walks or make them more enjoyable is the best way for you to stick with your routine. The more you like something, the better chance it has of sticking around! This will help you stay healthy all year long.

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