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8 Fun Activities To Do This Valentine’s Day

older couple sitting together in the grass, holding flowers and kissing

Let this Valentine's Day be one to remember! Change things up this year and do something different and memorable. If you're in need of a few ideas, I've got some that are sure to spice things up a bit.

1. Have a Picnic

    All you need is a blanket and a basket full of delicious snacks (and maybe some wine). Take them out to their favorite park or a nice, quiet area so you can enjoy each other's company.

    2. Spend a Night Under the Stars

      Spend the night camping, or just drive out to a spot where you can really see the stars and spread out a blanket. Star-gazing can be pretty romantic.

      3. Recreate Your First Date

        Take a trip down memory lane to your very first date and recreate it. If you went to a specific restaurant, see if you can get a reservation. If you saw a movie, see if you can rent the same one to watch it at home with your favorite movie snacks. You can re-create almost any date with a bit of creativity.

        4. Cook Together

          Food is most certainly the way to the heart, so make this Valentine's Day special by cooking a romantic dinner together. Instead of going to a restaurant, this is a fun way to mix things up and enjoy an intimate meal at home.

          5. Relax with a Wine and Cheese Night

            It's time to put that charcuterie board to good use. Fill it with all sorts of cheeses, fruits, nuts, meats, and breads. Pop open your favorite bottle of wine, put your feet up, and enjoy a relaxing night with your special someone.

            6. Have a Movie Marathon

              Get comfortable on the couch and binge-watch some of your favorite movies together (they don't have to all be romantic comedies either). Don’t forget to grab some popcorn too.

              7. Have a Game Night

                Maybe a little bit of healthy competition is what you're into. Bring out the board games and enjoy a little bit of fun. It's hard to have a bad time when you’re playing games.

                8. Check into a Fancy Hotel

                  There is something special about getting out of the house and spending a night at a nice hotel. Change into a cozy bathrobe and order some room service. Just take it easy and relax.

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