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7 Summer Vacation Spots to Consider

7 Summer Vacation Spots to Consider

Looking for a vacation this summer you’ve never been on? Take a peek at these 7 special spots that caught our eye!

  1. The Bahamas

Whether you visit Nassau, Atlantis, or Pig Island, the Bahamas have crystal clear water with amazing coral reefs to snorkel around. June tends to be a less crowded time to visit, so book your ticket today!

  1. National Parks

The US has about 59 National Parks. Yellowstone, Yosemite, or The Adirondacks all have beautiful hikes, water activities, and more to offer that the whole family will love!

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Get ready for scenic canal cruises, museums, or walking around the many charming neighborhoods this city provides. Located in an area of Europe that allows for close travel to other beautiful, historic sites.

  1. Napa Valley, California

Are you a wine lover? Or just love great food and gorgeous views? Napa Valley holds over 400 wineries, with tours and shopping in the surrounding towns to keep your vacation busy. Head there in July to be a part of the Festival Napa Valley to do some intense wine tasting!

  1. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Fresh seafood, hundreds of lighthouses to climb, and miles of relaxing beach shores make this little New England town a treasure. Escape the humidity and enjoy a few games of mini golf with the kids or grand kids!

  1. Andes Mountains, Chile

If you love to ski but have been to most places within the US, check out Portillo Ski Resort in Chile! Where the summer months in South America is winter, why not get a little travel into your everyday hobby?

  1. Scottish Highlands, UK

Try to find out if the Nessie is real or take in breathtaking views of iconic landscapes at the Isle of Skye! Scotland’s summer months consist of great temperatures and tours of deep historic sites.

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