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7 After-School Conversation Starters

7 After-School Conversation Starters

The back to school season is always such an exciting time! You want to support the students in your family and hear all about the classroom adventures they are having. However, sometimes adults may find it a little tricky to get kids to open up about their day when simply asking "How was school today?" This response can usually be followed up by "It was fine", "It was good", or "It was school."

So, here are 7 questions that you can ask students that demand a bit more of a response and can help you to learn more about how their school week is going.

1.) What was the best part of your day today?

Now, they may have had a pretty tough day-- and this is okay. If they happen to say "nothing--it was awful", you can dig into why they had a bad day and help them to plan for a better tomorrow.

2.) Who did you play with or hangout with at lunch today?

Kids love to talk about their friends and also--maybe some students who aren't being so nice to them. This is a great way to learn about their friend group and find out if there any students that your child may be struggling to make friends with. 

3.) What does your teacher have planned for you this week?

Students may say they aren't sure what was planned for the week, and this is a great way to transition into asking them what they think will be planned based on activities they did today. It asks them to make an assessment on their big takeaways from their recent lessons.

4.) Were any of your projects today too easy or too challenging?

Your student may not want to tell you that they struggled with something, but they may want to tell you about something that very easy for them. This question allows students to talk about their academic successes and challenges. If you learn your student is struggling in a certain class, this may give you the opportunity to decide if you are able to help them study more or if they should get a tutor. 

5.) Did any of your friends or classmates get in trouble today?

This may seem like a silly question, but at younger ages, children can enjoy sharing stories about their friends and the "silly" things they may have done to get in trouble. 

6.) What are your friends doing this week?

Asking about their friend group further allows them to share what kinds of activities are "cool" in their circle right now. If you hear that their friends aren't busy, maybe you want to suggest that your child can have friends over in the next week.

7.) What is one thing you learned today that you didn't know before?

Lastly, it's great to find out what your student is learning. If you ask them what they learned today, they may say "I don't know" because they learned so much that it's too much for them to sum up. If you ask them just to tell you one thing they learned today, it might be a much more productive conversation.

The back to school season is so busy and so exciting. The Outback Team is wishing all of the best luck to you and your family.

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