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5 Ways To Make Mother's Day Feel Special

5 Ways To Make Mother's Day Feel Special

Mother’s Day is the day we acknowledge and show our appreciation to the women in our lives who raised us. At least this one day, everyone tries to make mom happy in whatever way we can. Some people go for a traditional lunch or dinner with their mother. Others do something she likes, or get her something she’s wanted as a present. Do something to honor her for her generosity and support. Make her feel appreciated and loved in any way possible. And make it memorable for her! Don't you think she deserves a day like that?


If so, have a look at the5 activities to plan for Mother's Day.


1) Cook for Her


The most common yet classic thing you could do on Mother’s Day is to give your mom a day off from the kitchen. You can make breakfast for her from one of her favorite cookbooks. Or follow any of her family’s recipes to make her feel special. You can serve her breakfast in bed with a hot cup of coffee. For lunch or dinner, you can take her out to a lavish restaurant and let her enjoy it!


2) Decoration Surprise


You can surprise her by decorating your lounge or hall once she goes to sleep. It is always exciting when you go down the stairs and find a Christmas tree with gifts. Or when you get a surprise on your birthday. All that lifts your day, right? Then, go ahead and do something magical for her and make her day more amazing!


3) Being by Her Side


You can plan to spend your whole day with her and cancel all engagements. Give her time, do her little favors and make her feel loved. You can help her by unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, folding laundry. Take care of whatever her daily chores are without being asked. This will let her sit back, relax, and enjoy a break for a day. These small gestures might mean more than you realize. This could be another great memory for her!


4) A Stroll in the park


You should take out some time to go on a lazy stroll with your mom in the park. Crack a joke, reminisce, share your stories, even discuss important matters. A small walk will give her warmth and love to cherish these memories later. This will show her that you value her insight into your life and enjoy conversations with her. Involving her in your college life, friends or work will make you feel closer.


5) A Custom Photo Album


You can browse through your childhood photos together. Or ask about your mom’s old photos. Work on software like Shutterfly to create a custom album highlighting her favorite moments. These might include old birthday parties, school events, college days, and family vacations. You can get a copy of it for your mother, and then you can relive the blissful moments with her.



The most important thing to plan to do, is acknowledging the influence your mother plays in bettering your life and let her know how much you appreciate her. We wish all the Outback community a Happy Mother’s Day!


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