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5 Family-Friendly Easter Activities

grandparents, parents, and two kids hanging out in the kitchen painting Easter eggs

Plan on having the family over for Easter this Sunday? Plan out some fun activities the whole family can enjoy that isn't just your traditional Easter egg hunt.

Below are five Easter activities perfect for everyone, especially those younger kids or grandkids. Let me know if you try out any of these or what your favorite things to do on Easter are!

1. Plant an Easter Garden

Spring and Easter symbolize a time of rebirth and renewal, so now's the perfect time to get outside and plant a family garden (plus, April is National Garden Month). You don't have to plant anything crazy. Plant a few flowers native to your area or some easy-to-maintain fruits and vegetables.

It's a great activity to get everyone outside and get their hands dirty.

2. Make Some Easter Treats

Most holidays involve indulging in a few sweet treats and Easter is no different. Instead of buying them from the store this year, consider making them from scratch.

It's easy for the kids or grandkids to get involved in this baking activity (though it may get a little messy).

3. Create Easter Crafts

Get those creative juices flowing with some Easter crafts. There are so many different things you can try from simple bunny wreaths to elegant egg baskets.

4. Have an Easter Brunch Picnic

Another great way to get outside and enjoy the spring weather is by having a picnic. Grab your favorite brunch items and a couple blankets, and go to a nearby park or even just your backyard to enjoy the morning with the family.

5. Play Some Easter Games

Games are always a fun way to spend time with family. You can play your favorite traditional board games or card games, or you can look for some unique Easter-themed games instead. There are plenty of Easter games out there like egg-and-spoon racing, scavenger hunts, or "guess how many jellybeans there are in the jar."

Let me know if you try any of these family activities or what your favorite Easter traditions are! Email me at

And have a Happy Easter!

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