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3 Ways To Turn Food Into Halloween Décor

3 Ways To Turn Food Into Halloween Décor

Jack-O’-Lanterns have defined the Halloween season for centuries. They are one of the most well-known pieces of Halloween Décor.

Jack-O’-Lanterns may be well known, but there are also other food-turned-decorations that can be fun to make. We have another three ideas for you.

Carved apples

Carving apples can be difficult, especially because the inside of an apple is not easy to remove. One method involves cutting off the top of the apple. Then cut out the inside.

From there, treat the apple like a pumpkin, but without the candle inside.

The good thing about apples is that the outside of the apple is a very different color from the inside. Just carve a face into the apple’s skin, and cut off the skin in any place that should be a hole. Put a few of these carved apples next to a Jack-O’-Lantern.

Though the apple might not glow from the inside, it’ll be a great ally and friend to a bigger Jack-O’-Lantern.

Orange Creatures

If you want to get creepier, make a few creatures out of oranges. One of the best looking orange creatures is easy to make.

All you have to do is peel two-thirds to three-fourths of the orange. Then, separate out the orange slices, and don’t be afraid to push the orange slices into position. Orange slices are usually pretty flexible.

Next, turn the orange over, so that the peeled side is facing the ground. This is the face of the creature.

Add a few pieces of orange peel, or use the white inside of the peel to give the creature even more color. Don't be afraid to use the white peel to make a face. Now, you have an orange friend.

Grape Ruins

And, of course, what kind of monster would a fruit monster be if it didn’t leave any ruins behind? Never fear though, crush a few grapes, cut a few others in half, and cut a few more even smaller.

Decorate the area around your fruit monster with these ruins, and it becomes even scarier! Grape “blood splotches” are also safer and healthier for the environment.

That’s all it takes! Three fruits and a little bit of creativity. Give your Jack-O’-Lantern friends to stay with and ruins to hide in. He’s not alone anymore.

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