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10 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Kids

10 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Kids

Goodbye school, and hello summer!

During the summer months when the kids aren't in school, you'll need a few activities to help keep them busy.

Here are a few ideas to get those ants out of their pants for the next few weeks!


  1. Obstacle Course

There are a few different ways that you can get an obstacle course going.

You can grab some things that you have sitting around the house - use a table as a tunnel, use containers to make a maze, or even use a long string as a tightrope.

You could even go as far as going to your local dollar store and purchasing pool noodles or other interesting finds to DIY the obstacle course yourself.


  1. Pool Day

You can never go wrong with a day at the pool. Make sure that you bring along your sunscreen, water, and snacks. You can even bring a few pool toys as well!


  1. Ride A Train

If your kid has ever shown interest in transportation, you might find that riding a train is the perfect way to create new memories.

Even if there wasn’t interest shown before, it is an experience they will never forget as you both watch the scenery zoom by.


  1. Geocache

Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, in which you use a GPS or mobile device to find hidden containers filled with various trinkets. These caches are found at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

It can be fun and interesting for everyone involved!


  1. Volunteer

There are a few different ways to volunteer as a family. Some homeless shelters will allow you to come in and cook or serve meals. Local community pages will hold clean-up events where you can join the community in cleaning up waste in the park or on the side of the roads.

Keep the kids entertained and productive by helping out in your community.


    1. Lemonade Stand

    Running a lemonade stand is a great way to get the kids outside and understand the importance of setting goals.

    They'll learn important skills like how to give back change and how to improve their manners.



    1. Stargazing

    There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting below the stars and trying to pinpoint the constellations. You could even use a telescope, if you own one.

    Once you are done finding as many as you can, enjoy the warmth of a fire and smores in your own backyard or at a campsite.


      1. Picnic

      Pack up the family’s favorite snacks and lunchtime meal, then make your way to a grassy, open area.

      Spend the afternoon eating, laughing, and playing.


        1. Flea Market/Garage Sale Hunting

        One man’s trash is another one's treasure (or another kid’s toy is another kid’s treasure).

        Give your kid(s) a set amount to spend at various garage sales or your community flea market, and let them look out the window to help with hunting down good sales.


          1. Visit a Different City
          Try visiting a different city, and take in the different sights. Explore new things to do, places to shop, or restaurants to eat at.

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