August 2023 - New
Scientific Discovery

scientists discover inflammation reduction compounds for arthritis

(Hint: Cool Answers To Your Burning Questions)

Do you struggle against swelling pain in your hands, feet, back, and joints?

The pain is chronic, and entirely avoidable.

Streamlined extraction methods reopen the opportunity to use tried and tested topicals. A review of a 2021 study shows the efficacy of steam distillation from naturally sourced Menthol and Camphor is just as potent as synthetic sources in reducing inflammation after topical application.

Clinical review indicates a strong consensus that inflammatory response from rheumatoid arthritis, shows marked improvement from combined treatment approaches in former atheletes. Peppermint Sourced Menthol, engages in synergistic excitation of GABA receptors and sodium ion channels resulting in analgesia (Pain Relief!). While Camphora Tree Sourced Oil's topical application is effective in relieving the pain from arthritis by desensitizing epidermal nociceptors.