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Often times, the greatest change happens when someone becomes overly frustrated with the way things are, prompting them to create something better.

So when David Ireland, The Wildlife Man, was offered the chance to create a natural, daily formula to help relieve migraines, he seized the opportunity.

David has already helped over 1.6 million people with his topical relief Outback Oil, but now he wanted to help even more people by creating a natural product for migraine relief.

David took his knowledge and once again teamed-up with world-class herbalists and chemists to create a revolutionary new formula.

Here's what David Ireland had to say about it...

"Each natural ingredient was chosen based on the latest clinical studies, research, and plenty of scientific evidence to support maximum effectiveness.

In this powerful supplement, magnesium is combined with natural co-factors, so it can cross the blood brain barrier.

First we have two powerful types of magnesium: magnesium citrate & magnesium bisglycinate chelate. Both are essential minerals for optimal metabolic function. Magnesium influences over 300 reactions in the body, so a deficiency can cause a number of issues.

Next, we added Vitamins B6, B12, and B3. There is strong evidence that blending magnesium with certain B group vitamins can dramatically improve the uptake of magnesium. If you take a straight magnesium supplement, like one you would buy at the supermarket, most of it will be flushed out of your system without ever crossing the blood brain barrier.

Zinc is another co-factor that helps with the absorption of magnesium. This mineral is essential for good health and even a small deficiency can cause metabolic imbalances. Zinc supports a healthy immune system, provides energy to the body, and helps to maintain hormone levels.

Another ingredient we added in is Cramp Bark. Cramp Bark is an herb that has been used for centuries to aid in the relief of muscle spasms and muscular tension, particularly those related to tension headaches and migraines.

Then there is Passionflower, which is a plant extract that promotes restful sleep and a calm mood. It also helps to reduce muscle spasms, which in turn assists with the even blood flow to the brain.

Last is Folate, which is another important B Vitamin Complex that needs to come from eating folate-rich foods or from taking a supplement. Folate cannot be stored in the body and any excess is flushed out. Many people can become deficient in it without even knowing.

Combined together, this powerful supplement is called Outback Magnesium+. It has just set the bar for natural migraine relief."

Feel overall migraine relief with this magnesium supplement

2 powerful capsules are great for relieving your migraines over time.

It even has a proprietary blend that drastically improves the uptake of magnesium absorption.

Introducing Outback Magnesium+ - our most powerful natural supplement ever!

We're so sure Outback Magnesium+ will give you overall migraine relief, we're offering a 365-day satisfaction guarantee.

I know your story...

You want to be able to live a normal life... But you can't. Instead, migraines have forced you to settle for one with so many limitations.

Let me ask you this: Does your head throb and make you feel like your brain is too big for your skull? Do you feel like every light and every sound is amplified so much that it makes you nauseous? The nagging pain can affect everything from your mood, to your exercise habits. It can even prevent you from doing the things that you love most. This isn't the life you dreamed of is it?

First of all, I want you to know that...

You're not alone. I know exactly how you feel right now. In fact, "roughly 1 in 4 women will experience a migraine in their lives."

Throbbing head pain and other horrible symptoms affect so many people. Suddenly it becomes difficult to do ANYTHING. Shopping at the store, exercising, going to a restaurant or movie, even the things you used to love to do, like walking or gardening can seem almost impossible.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret

It doesn't have to be this way.

You can reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines - no matter how long you've been suffering!

Science has opened up new possibilities. New research reveals SHOCKING results.

You may be surprised to learn that...

Certain natural ingredients have been shown to work incredibly on relieving migraines over time!

But they've been kept a secret... until now. What I'm about to share with you is a game-changer.

Just think... What if there was a way to receive overall migraine relief over time, naturally. Great news, science has found a way!

In the next couple of minutes, I'm going to reveal how David Ireland discovered answers to naturally relieve migraine discomfort.

Keep reading and you'll discover REAL stories about how Outback Magnesium+ has helped migraine sufferers like YOU banish their migraines.

Imagine just for a moment...

If there was something out there that was shown to be better at relieving migraines over time, than the old feverfew or butterbur.

• You could live more comfortably
• Migraines could no longer control your life
• No more daytime fatigue
• Be as active as you want to be

All of this is now possible thanks to David Ireland's discovery.

The severity of migraines is amplified by the lack of magnesium in the body. If magnesium levels become depleted, your migraines will intensify and occur more frequently.

This supplement was designed to improve the uptake of magnesium absorption. The only way for magnesium to cross the blood brain barrier is to combine it with certain co-factors, like B group vitamins and Zinc.

Outback Magnesium+ is an all natural, daily supplement that may help to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines over time. It is not for temporary relief while you are experiencing a migraine.


Exciting news right?? But wait, I've only told you half the story

David Ireland has already helped millions of people with the creation of Outback Oil, but he didn't want to stop there.

He dreamed about helping more people by bringing a migraine relief supplement to the USA and now it is a reality.

David created a proprietary blend of ingredients that drastically improves the uptake of magnesium absorption.

Outback Magnesium+ has a revolutionary formula consisting of 6 main ingredients: magnesium, B Vitamins, zinc, cramp bark, passionflower, and folate.

"So THIS is what natural relief feels like..."

David Ireland, "The Wildlife Man"

Motivated by evidence-based results like these...

David Ireland's background in natural relief products led him to the development of Outback Magnesium+.

"What makes this formula so impressive is the fact that we only included natural ingredients," David Ireland said. "With two types of magnesium, combined with Zinc and other B group vitamins, this supplement is designed to pass the blood brain barrier, and improve the uptake of magnesium absorption. Unlike most other migraine support formulas, that are unable to pass the blood brain barrier, Outback Magnesium+ does not contain Feverfew or Butterbur."

Outback Magnesium+ does not contain Feverfew, because it is known to cause upset stomach and diarrhea in a lot of people.

Another common ingredient we don't use is Butterbur. Butterbur extract has been shown to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA), which is a toxic substance that can cause hepatotoxicity (chemical-caused liver damage).

Products that contain Butterbur extract must be manufactured extremely carefully in order to remove all PAs.

FINALLY, there is a powerful supplement that delivers migraine relief over time with just two capsules a day.

The story ends happily for so many others

Liz - Totally Thrilled
"I never thought I would ever be able to say this but my MIGRAINES ARE GONE! I was skeptical at first but thought what the heck I've tried everything else. THIS WORKS I'm so happy I did."
Carole - I Love This Product
"I've been a migraine sufferer for decades, and this supplement has helped me tremendously. My headaches have been reduced by 98%. I recommend that any migraine sufferer give this a try."
Lauren - Very Impressed
"I will say I've been using this product for a month now and it is amazing I haven't had any problems with stomach upset or migraine since and I usually have a migraine two or three times monthly. I will spread the word and tell everyone I know to try it."
Angela - Thank You!
"I have migraines and was told that magnesium may help. I've been taking it now for a couple of months and find that I have less migraines! I will definitely continue using Outback Magnesium+!"

Now it's your turn.

I can't think of a single reason NOT to try it. But here are 6 reasons why YOU SHOULD...

  • 1. You have nothing to lose - except migraines, overtime
  • 2. You are tired of all the things that didn't work, so try the one thing that DOES!
  • 3. The longer you wait, the more you will suffer.
  • 4. You owe it to yourself to finally feel relief.
  • 5. Get back to the joys of life: Gardening, spending time with family, watching movies.
  • 6. It has worked for many others, it can work for YOU.

Join thousands of others feeling the difference!

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