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Uric Care+ | 100mL

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  • Outback Uric Care+ - All Natural Uric Acid Support Herbal Cleanse - Liquid Dietary Supplement That Supports Joint Comfort, Healthy Sleep & Muscle Recovery - Vegan Daily Uric Acid Detox - 100mL

    URIC ACID RELIEF - Outback Uric Care+ metabolizes uric acid levels and helps to reduce aches, pains, irritation, and inflammation by removing the uric acid that settles and crystallizes in your joints. An unhealthy buildup of uric acid can rest and crystallize in your joints, which can lead to joint discomfort, soreness, and inflammation. This liquid formula promotes healthy kidney function, healthy joints, reduces flare ups, and relieves muscle pain and stiffness for optimal health & wellness.

    RELAX & SLEEP- Naturally helps reduce pain from uric acid buildup to help you sleep better and deeper. Wake up feeling better, restored, and with more energy to start your day!

    ALL NATURAL -  Outback Uric Care+ uses an all-natural blend of premium botanical ingredients to target and remove the buildup of uric acid crystals. Our all natural blend includes: celery, nettle, birch, alfalfa, willow, devil's claw, and boswellia serrate.

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - At Outback, we aren't done until you're completely satisfied. We're confident our high-quality products will meet and pass your expectations for a healthier you, and we're ready to back that up! We proudly offer a no-hassle 365 Day Money Back Guarantee for every product purchased from Outback. If you're not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our Customer Success Team at 1-800-215-8739 and we will take care of everything!

    This product contains small amounts of natural alcohol. The nutrients in this product are extracted using 50% v/v ethanol.