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New Traditions to Try for Easter

New Traditions to Try for Easter

Hip-hopping through the month and right into Easter! Most families gather together for Easter. Start the day with an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and end it with a family dinner. What can you do in between though? Here are some new traditions to start with your family this Easter.


Egg Time Machine-

It’s like a mini time capsule! Have your kid(s)/grandkid(s) write a letter to themselves. It can be something they did this year that they are proud of or it could be something they wish to accomplish by next year. Write their name on the plastic egg and put the note inside. Come next year, they will be able to see what they were like only a year ago.


Easter Parade-

Gather your Easter gear, bunny ears included, and find a local parade! It could be on Easter day or it could be the day before. Watch as the marching band passes, the fire trucks let their sirens go off, and the Easter Bunny walk/drive by!


Treats for Mr. Bunny-

Like our near and dear tradition with Santa Clause, put out some treats for the Easter Bunny! Make sure you have carrots on hand to put on a plate before bed. Along with some water of course!


Kite Flying-

This tradition is a weekend affair in Bermuda. Bring the tradition into your home! Easter means that spring is in the air. With the weather warming up, take some time this Easter to grab the kites out of the garage and take them to the park! Enjoy some family time while also enjoying nature!


Norway Tradition-

If you’re not the type of person that likes crowds or attending Easter-related events, look into Norway’s traditions! They celebrate in an unusual way. It is known as the “Easter Crime” tradition where they read and watch stories about crime.  If you’re ever in Norway for the holiday you’ll see more crime novels displayed in bookshop windows than chocolates and bunnies.


Egg Decorating-

Back to traditions in the United States, this one is the most faithful. Grab the decorating kit and your hard-boiled eggs! Add on your design with the crayon that comes with it and dunk them into the dye!