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5 Health Benefits of Magnesium

5 Health Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements found inside the earth’s crust. This mineral is also found in our bodies, and plays a role in over 300 enzyme reactions!

If magnesium levels become depleted in the body, you could suffer from low mood, joint stiffness, poor digestion. migraines, and a variety of other symptoms. 

Here are 5 amazing health benefits of magnesium:

1. It Can Improve Bone Health

Studies show magnesium is essential for bone growth. More magnesium can promote higher density and crystal formation of the bones.

2. Eases Muscle Cramps

This mineral is a muscle relaxant. A higher magnesium intake could alleviate discomfort and result in less muscle cramps and spasms. Athletes can especially benefit from increased magnesium intake to prevent athletic injuries. 

3. Promotes Healthy Hearts

Magnesium works with calcium in the body to maintain a healthy heartbeat. The calcium stimulates the muscle fibers to contract, while the magnesium relaxes the cells. A person having heart problems may be advised to take magnesium supplements to help improve health.

4. Migraines and Headaches

Neurotransmitters produce nerves in the brain to signal blood flow. Not having enough magnesium can restrict the flow and causes migraines or headaches.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that an increase in magnesium, could result in lowering blood pressure. The results found that magnesium supplements may reduce blood pressure in those already suffering from high blood pressure, but may not affect those with normal levels. 

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